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It Is Time to Right the Wrongs



On April 1, 2020, U.S. telecom giant T-Mobile merged with Sprint for $26 billion, despite concerns about the deal undermining competition as well as the harmful impact on smaller dealers and vendors.

One of the most underdiscussed parts of this merger is its impact on dealers and vendors who have worked with two companies before the transaction, especially considering the empty promises made to both the dealers and rest of Americans about the benefits of the deal.

Wireless Franchisees for Justice was created to call attention to the troubling treatment of T-Mobile’s dealers following the merger that was approved under false pretenses. The impact of T-Mobile’s actions spans across the country and led to massive job losses and had devastating impacts on small and medium-sized businesses.


Our hope is that through litigation and education we can right some of the wrongs and reverse the predatory and anti-competitive business practices of T-Mobile.

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Franchisees across the nation are taking a stand against T-Mobile's deceptive business practices. See which states have been hurt by the merger below.

Damage By The Numbers

Total Stores Closed:


Total Jobs Lost:


Click the links below to see the full litigation filings.

All together, the total damages sought is roughly

$500 - $600 million.



Below are direct quotations from our 2021 and 2022 filings that reflect some of our biggest concerns:

"Legacy Sprint dealers faced financial devastation if they did not agree to T-Mobile's take-it-or-leave-it terms." 

   - Wireless World (CA), page 3   

"Shortly after Sprint-T-Mobile merger...T-Mobile began engaging in a litany of anti-competitive, unfair, and deceptive behavior aimed at driving legacy Sprint dealers out of the marketplace." 

   - Wireless World (CA), page 21  

"Using unethical and unlawful tactics, T-Mobile shuttered more than 20 small businesses, closed well over 1,000 dealer-owned doors, caused thousands of people to lose their jobs, and negatively impacted numerous consumers locally and throughout the United States." 

   - Absolute Wireless (TN), page 1 

"T-Mobile made affirmative misrepresentations and concealed material facts regarding its devastating intentions from dealers..." 

   - Absolute Wireless (TN), page 7 

"T-Mobile unlawfully weaponized the commercial relationship and used agreement terms unfairly to disadvantage [legacy Sprint dealers] ..." 

   - Wireless Express (SC), page 5 

"T-Mobile wrongfully told the legacy Sprint dealers...that it did not have to and would not honor the contracts..." 

   - Wireless Express (SC), page 3 


T-Mobile "forced ... dealers out of the marketplace ... all to the detriments of consumers, the local and national economy, fair competition, and the dealers and their employees."

   - PG Wireless (GA), page 1



This website exists for informational purposes by Wireless Franchisees for Justice.

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