Letter to California Public Utilities Commission

By Mauro Martinez

Small business owner Mauro Martinez wrote a letter to CPUC urging them to investigate T-Mobile’s misconduct, issue a show-cause order, and take appropriate enforcement actions to remediate or correct the wrongs caused by T-Mobile in acting differently than it led the CPUC to think it would.

"I am a California resident and the owner of a California small business, HIT Mobile, Inc., which formerly owned and operated 83 wireless stores as a franchisee of T-Mobile. I am a proud member of the Latino community and a Latino business owner. My company, HIT Mobile, is one of many former T-Mobile franchisees to file complaints against T-Mobile for tricking us into unfavorable contracts and then misapplying them to close our stores, take money from us, and force us out of business.[2] (See Appendix pp. 10 – 37). Most of those cases will proceed behind closed doors in arbitrations at T-Mobile’s insistence and as part of its efforts to avoid public scrutiny for its misconduct. I am writing the CPUC because T-Mobile’s wrongs go even further. It perpetrated a scheme to deceive this body and induce approval of the merger with Sprint. It then reneged on its representations and caused harm to California customers, employees, and businesses. I ask this body to conduct an investigation and to take such further action as may be necessary to address T-Mobile’s wrongdoing...."

See full letter here.